Friday, February 5, 2010

XBox 360: Part 1 of 6

Part one of this series is a simple apology to anyone I've talked to about the XBox before. I apologize for saying it wasn't any good (I prefer its games to the PC versions of the games). I apologize for pointing out only its unreliability (50% break rate, 50% of those broke again). The newer ones are more..."durable".

Anyway, we purchased the XBox 360 Elite (120 Gb Hard Drive, HD cable, and two games we won't be rating: LEGO Batman and PURE). I'd rate the system itself NEARLY as high as the PS3 (as compared to the almost as low as I rated WoW) I would have given it before). We also have a total of eleven (11) games for it (if you count the Orange Box as 5 games, which it is).

Part 2: - Me - The Orange Box (all 5 rated as one collection)
Part 3: - Me - Left 4 Dead 2
Part 4: - Sumomo - Assassin's Creed 2
Part 5: - Sumomo - Bayonetta
Part 6: - Me - Mass Effect 2

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